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Top 10 Florida Nude Beaches

The following is a list of one official public nude beach and nine unofficial nude beaches. Keep in mind that laws change frequently, so check before undressing at any of these locations:

1. Haulover Beach: This is the only legal beach on the list, this beach draws nude bathers of every age, shape and sexual orientation. The clothing-optional sections are well-marked and maintained by the county, so you can sun without fear.

2. Apollo Beach: While nude sunning is illegal, it's generally tolerated if you are discrete. Nearby Daytona offers naturist accommodations.

3. Playalinda Beach: (Playa Linda - Spanish for "pretty beach") This undeveloped beach is secluded enough to make most nudists feel comfortable and is one
of the few areas in Florida where nude sunbathing is still a practice.

4. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park: Also known as Air Force Beach, this park hasn't been a legal nude beach since the 1980s. A sub-tropical paradise, you can usually get away without a swim suit if you don't actually cross the park's boundaries. Visitors can swim, picnic, and surf at the beach; scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular activities.

5. Hobe Sound: A secluded spot where celebrities like Celine Dion build multi-million dollar mansions, Hobe Sound has views that outshine the glitz. Cautious naturists can catch some rays in the buff since most people come to escape the crowds.

6. St. Lucie Inlet State Reserve: This state reserve offers the same seclusion, celebrity homes and warnings as nearby Hobe Sound. Nude bathing isn't legal here, so strip with caution. Visitors come to swim, sunbathe, or picnic at the pavilion on the quiet beach. Others make the trip for the great surf fishing. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular activities.

7. South Beach: The anything-goes approach to life here makes unofficially clothing-optional beaches easy to find.

8. St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge: Uninhabited and accessible only by boat, you'll have to share your spot of beach with sea birds and turtles.

9. Gulf Islands National Seashore: Although nude bathing isn't legal, long stretches of deserted beach means most naturists can skinny dip in peace.

10. Navarre Beach (Eglin Air Force Base): While you can depend on warm weather, the social climate changes quickly. Authorities used to turn their heads, but now nude bathers need to exercise caution. 

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